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Our team has 100+ years of combined recruitment experience. Recruitefy is a boutique recruitment firm completely focused on working with one of a kind diverse talent. We help companies to hire their ideal person with the talent they need quickly.We have a network of specialist recruiters across an array of industries and strive to be the right-hand of hiring managers and executive teams.What makes us different and unique is our processes and systems. We get very granular into the hiring process and give you very dense information needed in a highly digestible fashion. It makes working together fun.Your mental bandwidth is critical. You need to be strategic in all that you do and pursue in order to reach your goals. When it comes to all things hiring, leave it to us. Click on HIRE so we can get started and help you today.


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This includes recruitment, background checks, reference checks, offer negotiation, providing an overview on the company to candidates, pre-qualifying the candidates for must-haves and must-nots, getting candidates excited about the company prior to meeting with your team, completing candidate batteries and assessments, coordinating scheduling and availability for candidates to meet your team, having follow-up calls with your team to organize feedback and next steps, working closely with HR to ensure hiring alignment is in lock-step, and coordinating all other day-to-day to ensure a smooth process for your hiring experience.


When working on a current opening, we will update you on the company, the needs, the expectations, the culture, the hiring process, the personalities you would work with, the growth opportunities, and the critical elements to emphasize. It is our goal to match top talent with top companies so we will invest the energy and time necessary to help you gain full clarity on what opportunities are out there and how you would best align to those opportunities based on your long-term goals and past accomplishments. We look forward to representing you for sucess.


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Every client is a candidate.Every candidate is a client.Our reputation is a product of honesty, professionalism, wisdom, thoughtfulness, fun, and creativity.